Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work, School and Adoption

I started school again last Wednesday. It is going to be a fantastic semester! I am taking Anatomy and Physiology. Before you comment that I'm crazy for taking these two classes together- I already know! It is going to be a lot of hard work, let there be no mistake about it but I have great professors and my sister and I are taking the classes "together". By together I mean she is also taking the classes at the same school (Salt Lake Community College) but from different professors so we will be able to bounce ideas off each other and study together- at least a little bit.

JD continues to stay busy at work and with the freelance jobs that he works on from home. He is such a hard worker and I appreciate him so much. He is such a wonderful provider and support to me. He is constantly studying new programming languages that will help add depth to his skills and make him more marketable. He plans on returning to school eventually and getting his Master's degree in Computer Science. He likes the program at BYU so it's a good thing we live in Utah County- at it appears we will be for awhile. As of now, it will probably not happen until I am done with my nursing degree or until he finds a job that has tuition reimbursement to help pay for the cost.

And finally...we are thrilled and anxious to be meeting with LDS Family Services on September 7 for an adoption orientation meeting. That's right we are going to adopt. We aren't sure what to expect except that we will get the paperwork to start filling it out. It can take up to a year and more to have a child placed but we are looking forward to the road ahead and the experiences we will have and the opportunity to meet birth mothers and welcoming a baby into our home.

I have the unique opportunity to occasionally take care of birth mothers placing their babies for adoption at the hospital and it never short of extraordinary seeing the love those women have for their babies and what a sacrifice they are making to give those children a better life. I am so grateful that adoption is an option for us and that we will be starting the process soon. So with all of that said we would appreciate your prayers and letting anyone you may know that we want to add to our family through adoption.

Until next time...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Grandma's Bible

Aunt Katie brought a bunch of treasures from grandma's house with her to Salmon last weekend. It was such a treat to look through and remember grandma using some of the things that were there and see pictures that brought back so many memories. Aunt Katie was so generous to let us look through the things that she brought and let us take our pick of the things that were there- a priceless treasure to have an opportunity like that. I have many wonderful things that I am so thrilled to have that bring back so many memories from childhood. I have several treasures and can't express enough gratitude to my Aunt Katie and her willingness to share these treasures with all of us!

However, the purpose of this post is about my grandma's Bible. I know it may sound silly but I never knew my grandma had a Bible because she never had it out nor did she preach to us in the traditional sense. She did teach us how to treat each other in her actions and words...such an amazing woman! I really wish that I could sit down and talk to her on these days that I struggle- she had such an amazing ability to calm my heart and mind.

Grandma was raised Catholic and was a practicing Catholic until an unfortunate interaction with a priest when she lived in Pocatello. I remember her telling me this story many times and how she was so shocked but the questions she was being asked about her relationship with grandpa and she always ended the story by saying "I'm not sure that old goat wasn't going to try and ask me on a date!" I was always shocked to hear the story but always laughed when she told it too. The sad part of the story is that such an important part of grandma's life had a door closed because of that single interaction. Grandma always taught me that going to church and being religious are not mutually exclusive. She always said she "had a little church in her heart." Her little church taught of love, acceptance and turning the other cheek...oh to be like my grandmother. In reality, my grandma was a woman with a prayer on her heart at all times. There were things that weighed heavy on her mind and heart and as much as we liked to tease her (and for good reason) that she worried too much I like to think she turned many of her worries over to God.

Anyway, while Aunt Katie and Uncle David were cleaning out grandma's house earlier this summer they found grandma's Bible with her name "Lois Ann" imprinted on it. They also found her rosary beads. I didn't know it until last weekend but grandma had requested at one point to be buried with her Bible but no one knew where it was. Well it is now found and luckily we were able to honor grandma's request.

When grandma passed in January the plot next to grandpa was selected as her final resting place. When they were digging the plot the skeletal remains of some unnamed person was found in the plot. So the decision was made to bury grandma in a plot where there would be a spot to move grandpa later so they could be side by side which meant grandpa would have to be moved. The later date to move grandpa was this past Monday. Aunt Katie made the trip to Dubois and placed grandma's Bible and rosary beads on top of grandpa's burial vault to be buried next to grandma. I can't help but believe that she would be pleased with how it all worked out.

Until next time...

Sullivan Family Float Trip 2011

Last weekend was the 3rd Annual Sullivan Family Float Trip in Carmen, ID. It is always such a good time to get together with the Sullivan crew!! We sure missed Jared and his family and Chad and Kaycee- hopefully the whole group will be together next year!

It was so great to get out of the city and relax with family for several days! It was the R&R that we needed. Dad and Lisa are excellent hosts and everyone has such a great time but really what isn't to enjoy about a day on the river floating on a lounge chair with a few "wild" rapids for some excitement, an awesome steak and other fantastic food and treats not to mention the good company and a little camping right by the river. We have the best family!!

These pictures have no rhyme or reason because I can't figure out how to move them into the order I want them.

A view of Carmen/Salmon from the top of the mountain behind the house...BEAUTIFUL!

Getting directions and playing some basketball before taking the ATV's to see the valley from the top of the mountain. It was beautiful but scary ride- we didn't make it all the way to the top because Tiff and I chickened out. JD asked Dad to take him back up all the way to the top next time we visit.

Dad had a little buddy named "R" during the weekend. He asked to go for a ride on the tra-tor so what is a good grandpa to do but take the little cutie for a ride. "R" went out several times on the Gator to check the cows in the pasture below the house with grandpa too...he loved it.

I wish I would have snapped a picture or two of that because it was the cutest thing to see that little guy in the seat next to grandpa. Oh the memories both grandpa and "R" are going to have!

Gathered around the table just relaxing after the river and before a fantastic steak!

JD, Cody, Kylie, Uncle David, Drew

Around the campfire on the island.

Tiff with "T", Ryan, Lisa and Dad

The whole crew after spending a day on the Salmon River

(even the youngest at 3 months was on the river and he was a trooper)

Dad had shirts printed (what a fun idea) to remember the weekend.

Seriously, the best weekend which made the 7 hour trip back to Utah and reality that much more difficult. JD and I camped by the river the first night. I don't know that I slept more than a few hours because I was convinced that a bear was going to attack us while we were sleeping and every noise I heard I was sure was that bear crossing the river to "get us". Keep in mind that dad and Lisa have never told us they have seen a bear on or near the island where we were camped but we are in the mountains and no doubt there are bears in the area. Funny now but not so funny when you are literally scared stiff. The second night we stayed in the camper- I slept much better that night. Tiff and Ryan and their boys camped by the river for two nights too. Such a treat to be able to camp in the fresh mountain air.

Finally, my cousin Chad and his wife Kaycee weren't able to be there for the trip this year because they were at the hospital welcoming a new little baby boy into this crazy world. Little Ryker was born while we were floating the river on Saturday. We were yelling up and down the river to each other (it's difficult to stay together sometimes when floating on lounge chairs and tubes) about vital statistics of this cute little guy. We were able to stop by and see the newest member of the family on our way back to Utah on Monday- what a sweet little guy! Congrats to Chad and Kaycee and welcome to the newest member of this crazy, fun family!

Until next time...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Moving On and the path ahead

I got the call from Dr. F's office this afternoon we didn't have success with our third IUI. I have had good reason to believe that would be the result. I have been weepy since my body started telling me we weren't going to be pregnant on Saturday night at work. We decided that this would be the last treatment we were going to do- at least for awhile when I had the lengthy high dose injections and hyperstim issues during this round. We need a break from the emotional roller coaster of fertility treatments.
This has not been an easy journey individually or as a couple. I am so grateful for the good man that I am lucky enough to call my husband and eternal companion. We know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and we will be blessed with children...eventually but most likely not in the way we once expected. We need some time to take a break from all of this and then our plan is to meet with LDS Family Services and begin the process of adoption. We know there are little ones that are supposed to join our family and hope and pray for a miracle...or two. We cannot express enough gratitude for the prayers and support that we have received from our family and friends. We love you all!

Until next time...