Monday, September 22, 2008

Massage Research Project

I am so excited today for multiple reasons but I am going to write about only one tonight and it has to do with being able to use my skills as a massage therapist. (Did anyone else hear the voice of Napoleon Dynamite with that skills comment??)  
Anyway,  for my Pathology class we have had to research a topic that has to deal with massage therapy or something else that might interest us.  Well I of course chose massage therapy but more importantly the affects that massage therapy can have on someone with PCOS (Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome).  For those that don't know I have this condition and am trying to learn all I can about the condition and what things can help alleviate it.  So with that background and my excitement for the things I learn at school and sharing it with anyone that will listen.  I was talking to a girl at work who is quickly becoming a good friend and I was telling her about my research project and health condition.  She shared with me that she has endometriosis.  She had a surgery in February 2008 and she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for nearly 2 years.  Ding, ding the light went on in my head and in hers at the same time and we decided to start our own little mini research project.  I am really hoping that I can help her with her journey to parenthood and I will gain some great experience in the process.  Additionally, I plan on attending nursing school once I'm done with massage therapy school and working with pregnant women and newborns in the NICU (at least that is my plan).  So this experience will be great to add to a resume and a nursing school application.
I am going to limit the history that I share of this girl on my blog because it is her health history not mine but I will be sharing some of what goes on in this project.  Our plan at this point is for me to perform two 30 minute reflexology sessions at work each week and then a regular massage on Fridays.  This regular massage will include cranial sacral therapy but primarily Swedish techniques.
I am so excited that she is willing to be my "lab rat" and fyi that is her term not mine and I really hope and pray that this will help her too.  Let me just say one more time...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE massage therapy and bodywork!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Technically Challenged

Ok I just need to vent for a minute. I am not technically inclined and that is no surprise to anyone that knows me.  I tend to avoid things that I don't understand because I don't want to get frustrated.  Wellllllll...tonight I didn't do that and tried to change the background to my blog...UGH!  I thought I would put something fallish looking on my blog to celebrate the season and well everything is now messed up and I have a boring looking blog.  That however is the least of my problems.
I had to buy a new router yesterday because Tiff and Ryan decided to get internet at their new apartment and needed their router.  That isn't a big deal I just purchased a new one.  Let the challenges begin.  Last night I was on the phone with some techinical support person in Malasia (no I'm not kidding I asked) for over an hour trying to get the new router hooked up.  Now we are having issues with the internet working in the bedrooms of the apartment...UGH!!!  I purchased a more expensive router at the direction of another customer that was standing at the store that said the router I was going to buy wasn't as good even though it looked just like the router that Ryan and Tiff were taking to their apartment and had worked fine for us.  I appreciate the input of other people most of the time but I really wish I would have just purchased the same kind of router that we had because our internet may work now instead of having to be right on top of the router to make it work.  Oh and let me not forget that because I have a MAC I had to pay $10 to have the technical help me get the router set up because Linksys decided not to make a MAC compatible disc for the MAC users of the world.  Needless to say I'm a little more than frustrated with the technology of the world right now especially that that rests in my apartment in Utah.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully it will be a better day.

Until next time...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Money Matters

Hello!  My name is Melissa and I'm a blog stalker!  I admit it willingly but seriously I pick up some great stuff by blog stalking and I hope you all do to when you read my blog.  I was doing just that tonight after work and came across this blog I have no idea how to put links in my posts so I'm hoping that works...if not I will work on it.
I was really excited to read the post about eliminating debt.  I have seen the worksheet that she writes about on but I've never used it.  I am officially slapping myself on the wrist for not following it before now.
Lately, I feel like I am in the humbling period of the cycle.  Last year was my year of abundance.  Don't get me wrong, I am doing fine but I could be doing better if I was more aware of where my money is spent.  I got used to making almost double what I make now while I was in Phoenix and it has been quite an adjustment cutting back the ol' budget and making things work with less money to play.  I keep reminding myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the money will (hopefully) be more plentiful when I get out of school and this is a good thing for me to be learning right now.  I am much more mindful of the cost of items that I purchase and my ability to afford them when others can't.  I hope that I take these lessons with me always and throughout my life. 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Love and Inspiration

I love to read the blog of an old friend, Kellie Doschades Trenkle.  She is such an inspiration to me in the love that she has for Christ and His forgiving heart and open arms for those that need Him...yep that is ALL of us.  She is a mom, a wife and a teacher of the safety and peace that is found in Christ's arms.  I love to read about her adventures with her babies and how she prays for inspiration to be a better mom.  It inspires me to read her blog because it reminds me that I need to be better in talking to and more importantly LISTENING to the things the Savior and my Heavenly Father has to say to me.  
I have noticed recently that I have been hearing the messages more clearly than I have in what seems like way to long.  I know that I have been receiving the guidance I needed before but hearing and actually listening are two very different things.  I wish I could recognize what was the turning point for me in listening so if I ever need to be reminded I will know but I can't put my finger on it.  For now, I will be grateful that I am hearing and listening to the Spirit and things that the Lord wants me to know and acting on that inspiration and more importantly having faith when it seems I am doing something that doesn't make sense at the moment.

This week I had an experience with that very "walk in the dark" but leaning on faith that it would all work out the way it needed to.  Tiffany and Ryan are moving to an apartment on their own and so I have been searching for a roommate.  A friend of mine had talked about her moving into the condo with me.  I was having a lot of turmoil inside about the decision and after long talks with Tiffany and Ryan I decided to tell this friend that I didn't think it was a good idea for her to move in.  The problem with this is then I didn't have anyone to move in.  I knew and Ryan and Tiffany assured me that I wouldn't be left with the entire rent to pay but I didn't want a burden placed on them either.  We posted the room available and by the end of the day I had a roommate that is a good fit and will work out well for both of us.  For the first time in weeks I am settled about the living situation that I am going to be in.  I look forward to getting to know Kelsey even more...she's got to be awesome she grew up in Idaho and we all know that folks from Idaho simply rock! ha ha (when I get a chance to plug Idaho I take it what can I say!)
So thank you Heavenly Father for guiding me with the inspiration that only you can give me.  Thank you for a loving Savior that allows me to make mistakes and an Atonement that lets me be washed clean and be forgiven for all of my sins. Lastly, thank you for the people in my life, present and past, that inspire me to take a good look at my life and recognize the blessings that I take for granted far too often.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Friends

I know I have been gushing about my friends and school in previous posts and this post is going to bring the two together.  I have made several good friends in my class at UCMT.  One person in particular that I just adore is Matt Peterson...I just love this kid.  Yes he is a kid, 24 years old, and supremo talented.  He gets the modalities (the different types of massage for you lay people out there) and he has an incredible energy about him.  You can't get enough of that energy and I try to soak it up every time I get a chance.  Let's not forget the incredible hugs that this fella can give.  For those of you that are married I really hope that your spouse provides this kind of hug for you.  It is warm and envelopes you and protects you from the problems that are just outside that embrace.  I love 'em, what can I say.  I am such a hugger that I have spent time analyzing his hugs...for those that know me that is not a shock that I would analyze anything...ha ha  Ok enough about the hugs.
This is Matt playing at a classmates house when we had a BBQ several weeks ago.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having Matt or Matty, as I call him, come over to my apartment before class to play his guitar.  I have heard him play on several occasions but this was one on one, me listening and giving feedback basically my own little "concert" with a lesson thrown in for good measure.  It is hard to describe the relationships that have formed with the people I go to school with 14 hours a week.  The emotions and feelings run deeper than those that I have for people that I have known for years.  I hope everyday that once school is over (this week is officially half way) I will keep in touch with all of these people I go to school with but especially Matty.  I have so much to learn from him and I hope he feels like he has something he can gain from me too.  
I'm still loving it and when I have a hang up about something the instructors take the time to explain what is really going on and the hang up is gone before I remember why I was concerned.  Well it's off to class for me.  Oh and just as a reminder...if you want a massage let me know.  Practice makes perfect and I just love doing the work.

Until next time...