Thursday, March 5, 2009

A lot can change in a year

I am just 4 classes...count them 1,2,3,4...from finishing massage therapy school. It has been an amazing year. I have been truly blessed to spend time with some of the most amazing and talented people nearly every night for the past year and every Saturday for the past 6 months (at clinic). When I think of what life was like a year ago it just makes me chuckle. So different than today and only 4 classes left.
The first night we had 200 nights of classes ahead of us plus 21 weekends at student clinic providing massage to the general public. We were 52 people strong that first week and in just a week we will graduate with 29 of the best people, not to mention mondo talented massage therapists that were a year in the making. I remember our first basic massage classes. We were hungry to learn more than the "fluff and buff" massage we were being taught but we were patient but also tests our own "moves" to find our groove. I loved to watch my classmates give a massage. One guy in particular, Rob Peterson...he took the direction from our instructors about our massage looking like a dance literally. I would set up my table and make sure I was the therapist working on my classmate the same time he was so I could watch him. He made my "dance" better just by watching him...thanks rock and seriously I miss the dreads!

Our class was so quiet those first few weeks and the instructors could barely pry words or reactions from us. Now we are a bunch of loose never know what we may decide to say or do in class. Some of the instructors that seems so intimidating and scary those first few months are now our friends, colleagues and best cheerleaders. They want us to succeed and it is expressed in every class they teach and every time they come and slap our hand or kick our heel so we are using our bodies in the correct way to give a better massage and take care of our own body and tools.

The friends I have made over the past year have made my life richer.

First, my buddy Matthew "Matty" Peterson. I just love this guy! I'll tell you what...this guy can give a bear hug better than anyone I know. He is so talented in so many ways but the love he has for the work... who am I kidding for anything that he does is incredible. Some of my favorite times with him was the jam sessions he would have at my apartment before class. Our late phone conversations after class because we just didn't have time that night and one us needed to talk. I love you buddy! I worry about you always and want you to know that you are NEVER alone and you are loved more than my simple words can express.

Kaitlyn Linford...what a doll... oh I don't think she would like that but I don't know how else to describe her. She is tough as nails. Don't ever tell her she can't go deep enough with a massage because she will prove you wrong even though she is just a little sprite! This girl has more depth than the deepest ocean, so brilliant and she works so hard for everything she has. I loved to partner up with her during hands on sessions because I learned so much just from having her work on me. She is another of those free-spirited Mormon girls like me. Not a wild one by any means but now so straight laced either. She has had some hard knocks in life and she knocked 'em right back and came out the victor for sure. Oh man I'm going to miss this girl!

Crystal Farrell...oh my sweet girl, Crystal. I admire this girl so much because of the hard work and determination she has put into this program. I honestly think she has worked harder than anyone because it has been harder for her and I am so glad she stuck with it. She has such a sweet, child like quality about her that just makes her wonderful and so easy to love and tease. As anyone that knows me can attest too I'm pretty rough around the edges at times...Miss Crystal has softened some of those edges through her quiet, gentle spirit. I am so glad to call her my friend and one of my best massage buddies during class and hand on exams. I'm sure going to miss seeing her face every night at class...thank you for everything, my dear girl.

My instructors I can't even begin to adequately express my gratitude for them, the knowledge they have shared with us and the time and energy the put into the work to help educate us newbies. The best cheerleaders you can have on a bad day. Encouraging you to do better and try harder. Opening up my eyes to different opportunities that I didn't know existed. They were part of the package deal when I paid tuition but I couldn't have picked a better group of people to learn from.

How blessed I am to have lived this last year in Salt Lake, learning and growing with some of the most amazing people on the planet. I will always be grateful!

Now the "fun" of school is nearly over, I'm done practicing and I'm ready to hit the ground running and starting my own practice. If you need a massage please contact me. Who am I kidding...we all need a massage. Thank you to everyone for their support over the past year...I love you all and couldn't have done it without you!

Until next time...