Thursday, June 10, 2010

I LOVE Summer!

There are so many things to love about summer. When I was growing up it usually meant work on the farm- which I hated at the time but have come to appreciate as I have gotten older. I can truly say I miss days on a swather on the farm- I had a nice tan by the middle of summer from being out all day, for weeks at a time. I miss the smell of fresh hay and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day when I was able to cut an 80 acre field (keep in mind that 80 acres on the equipment that they use now would be a TERRIBLY slow day). I am so lucky to live in Pleasant Grove where there are a few farms around still and I get to see and smell the process of harvesting hay. One of these days I'm going to get up the nerve to go knock on the door of one of these farmers and ask them if I can operate the equipment for them for a few hours to get my fix.
I also love being able to play in the dirt aka gardening. We planted our garden in late April- early May (I can't remember exactly) and it is really coming along. I am so glad things are coming up and doing well. I love the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables...mmmm! I love that the food you eat in the summer time is lighter! I could seriously eat melon salad all day, everyday! I am searching for recipes that don't require me to turn on the oven since it really heats up the house and who wants a heavy dinner in the summer heat.

I also love family reunions and playing together outside. We played our first round of golf of the year last weekend and had a great time! We enjoyed the game but afterward is where the real memory begins. JD put his wallet in my purse when we were out on the course. After the game we packed up the golf clubs and grabbed everything from the cart- or so we thought and decided to go to dinner. When we got to the restaurant and I reached in to give JD his wallet and I couldn't find it. I nearly dumped my purse out on the pavement I was so freaked out that it wasn't in there. Luckily my hubby has a cool head and called the golf course and asked them to check the golf carts and we drove back over crossing our fingers they would have found it by the time we got there. Unfortunately when we got there most of the carts were put away and they didn't have a wallet. Luckily we saw the guys that were putting away the carts and asked them if they had found a wallet on the golf cart...they looked confused but told us no....UGH!! So we were told we could take a golf cart and go out on the course and see if we could find we did. Keep in mind that they had already turned on the sprinklers and if you have ever seen a golf course you know they don't use slow flow gentle pressure pop up sprinklers...they use something similar to the sprinkler head that my dad has on the ends of the pivot on the farm...LOTS of water comes out of those suckers and with quite a bit of power behind them. We got a little bit wet as we first got on the course and about hole 4 I saw one of the workers weaving through the golf course and it appeared he was chasing us...which he was. When he got closer I saw that he was waving JD's wallet in the air...HALLELUJAH!! I was driving and was so excited and just took of driving and trying to follow the worker since he seemed to know the way back better than we did. I wasn't paying attention like I should have been and drove us right through a sprinkler and we got wet...well wet doesn't quite cover it we were dripping, soaking wet! I don't think we have laughed that hard in awhile. We decided not to go out to dinner after that since we were so wet. We will get a chance again in a few weeks when JD's company party has a tournament...we are going to play with the same couple we played with last year....good times but hopefully we won't have a sprinkler run after the game next time.

Family reunions are the best...I LOVE my family and the fun we have together. My mom's family has had a family reunion for as long as I can remember and it is always so fun to get together every summer and see family that I don't ever get to see. It is so much fun. Each year a different sibling is responsible for planning the reunion so one person isn't responsible year after year. The food is always fantastic, the company is even better! Last summer we started doing a Sullivan family get together at my dad's place near Salmon. We spend the weekend together with my dad's sister's family including my cousin who flies in from Baltimore. We float the Salmon River- laughing and playing along the way and again lots of good food and just plain fun.

I hope you have fun plans for the summer and enjoy time with family and friends.

Until next time...