I grew up on a farm in Eastern Idaho. I am the middle of three kids- I have an older brother and a younger sister.  I spent a lot of time as a kid riding with my parents on tractors or in pickup trucks and I actually drove a tractor for the first time by myself when I was eight but drove a car for the first time when I was five- you’ll have to ask about that story- my spunky little self got in some trouble for that. My parents have always been supportive of whatever project I am working on or dream I am chasing. They are excited for us to add another grandchild to our family for them to love (and spoil)!  I was so blessed to grow up so close to my grandparents-they only lived nine miles from my home.  I spent a lot of time next to my grandma in the kitchen learning how to cook – I still haven’t mastered grandma’s dinner rolls but I’m working on it. 

Before JD and I met I attended college for several years in Idaho, spent a year in New Jersey working as a nanny. My “kids” are now almost 18 and 16- time goes way to fast!!  I worked as an account executive for a trade-show decorator and eventually managed the company’s office in Phoenix, AZ.  I enjoyed my job and it was full of amazing opportunities but it also included long hours and limited time to meet and date anyone.  I knew I wanted to get married and start a family so I made a major life decision in 2008 and quit my job and moved back to Salt Lake and enrolled in massage therapy school.  Just six months after moving back to Utah and starting school J.D. and I met.  I graduated two weeks before we were married.  I am currently working at a local hospital on the mother/baby floor and get to cuddle with sweet new babies every night at work.  Simply stated- I L-O-V-E my job!

I enjoy learning and have several classes that I’m looking forward to taking- photography- I can’t wait to take a picture not in auto mode, sewing, pottery and Spanish language.  I have to admit I’m learning a lot about most of those things and more via Pinterest! (I may be slightly addicted to pinning.)

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