Monday, April 15, 2013

Gavin's 6 month check up and J.D. is 36

I'm not sure where the past six months have gone.  Time certainly does fly when you are having fun.  This sweet little man is always lots of fun and full of smiles and giggles.  Gavin is Mr. Independent and does things when he is good and ready.  He has rolled over from front to back and back to front a handful of times but only does it when he wants to or if we hold his hand.  I love that independent least for now.  Check with me when he is a toddler, if I feel the same way :) He is a good little eater and hasn't refused to eat anything that we have fed him so far.  He likes to stand up and can pull himself up when we are holding his hands.  He has really strong legs and it is amazing to see the muscles in his little legs.   He loves to spend time on his play mat and is really starting to like his exersaucer more too now that he knows how to move in his seat.  Gavin is getting so tall we had to adjust the height to accommodate his legs better.

Gavin is such a joy and likes to know where mommy and daddy are all the time especially if someone else is holding him.  We are so grateful we have been trusted to raise this sweet little spirit.  I love that I get to spend my days with him and he is mommy's best shopping partner but definitely lets me know when he has had enough (just like his daddy).  He is still very aware when I get the camera out and has now started to reach for my phone when I take pictures.  I love that he is curious!  Time is going way to fast and we are looking forward to the 17th when we go in front of Judge Davis and finalize his adoption. 

Here are a few pictures with his giraffe.  As you can see he was not in the mood to have his picture taken.

I loved what my friend Rondi said about this picture.  "Mom, get this giraffe off of me!"


 Our sweet boy had his six month check up today too.  He is 26 inches tall (33rd percentile), weighs 18 pounds 5 ounces (65th percentile) and his head is 17.5 inches (69th percentile).  I can definitely tell he is gaining weight.  He is harder to carry in his car seat and I've started using the cart cover and have him sit up in the shopping cart at the store.  He does pretty well with that and loves to look around.  The doctor was pleased with everything during his check up and he had to have 4 shots.  I hate that part of his doctor visits and he really didn't like them this time.  We have to go back next month for a booster of the flu shot that he got.  I hope he does better with them. 

Poor Gavin had sore legs and big welts for a couple of days after the shots.  We put him in a warm bath each night and that seemed to help and we gave him some Tylenol to take the edge off for him.  I hate it when he is hurting but after a couple of days he was much better and back to his happy little self.

We celebrated JD's 36th birthday on the same day as Gavin's 6 month check up.  I have mixed feeling about April 15.  It is Tax Day in the USA and that is now fun but it is also my hubby's birthday and that is reason enough to forget Tax Day and celebrate.  We did just that last night for JD's birthday.

He requested chicken fried steak and potatoes for dinner and I added asparagus since it is one of his favorites.  He also LOVES cheesecake so I picked one up at Costco while Gavin and I were out running errands yesterday.

Here are a few pictures from our family of three party last night.

J.D. enjoying his requested dinner.

Gavin loved the candles on daddy's cheesecake.  I love his face in this picture!

Best buddies reading daddy's birthday card

Daddy and all of his birthday loot.  The Hobbit movie, a big bag of chocolate covered pretzels and a gift certificate to Fox Hollow Golf Course

After dinner, cheesecake and presents mommy and Gavin had a raspberry "contest".  I would make raspberries at Gavin and he would take in a deep breath and really let me have it back.  So funny!!