Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time to catch up

I can't believe how time flies! It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and it's time to play catch up. It seems like that is all I do anymore is play catch up between work, school and clinic on Saturdays. Throw into the mix a social life that I am loving and catching up is totally worth it. I passed all of my classes. After the week I had during finals I was pretty happy with my grades. I ended with 2 B's and 4 A's...yeah me! The new term is going pretty well. I am still amazed at each of the modalities that I learn how much I like it more than the last. Structural bodywork is fascinating to me. When properly trained you can re-align someones body in 10 sessions and it affects thier lives in so many ways. My instructor, Taylor has done structural bodywork for many years and the stories he tells us amaze me. I am looking into more structural education after I am done at UCMT. I love it that Taylor is an instructor at a place in Salt Lake County that offers these additional classes. I need to find out how long it will take to finish the additional education because I'm planning on nursing school once I'm done too. The way it looks I will start in the Summer 2009 finishing up pre-reqs so I can apply to a nursing program.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What a week!

I am so glad it is finally Friday. Typically I am one that can find the greatness in each day and don't necessarily have a favorite day. If you don't believe me read my previous post. Anyway this week has had it's trials to say the least but the silver lining is: 1) I've learned something 2) the week is over and 3) I have a new week to look forward to next week.

So let's back up to Monday when the trials began. Normal enough day until I got a call from my roommate Kelsie at 3:00 while I was at work. This is not a normal occurrence so I answered the phone and got the random question "Are you home?" No I wasn't home I was at work. First I was thinking she locked herself out or she lost her key...oh how I wish that was the case now. This call boiled down to our apartment was broken into sometime between 8:30 am when I left for work and 2:45PM when she got home from work. The didn't do any damage to the apartment -thank goodness- but they did take both of our laptops, some of my DVD's and a lock box that was under my bed with birth certificate, passport and a few silver dollars in it. Everything can be replaced of course except the files that we had saved on our computers. We called the police and they came over did a report and called for the fingerprinting crew to come in and see if they could get any fingerprints from the sticky fingered uninvited guest that had been in our home. All of the officers that were at our apartment were so nice and gave us every hope that we would be able to recover our computers, which we are most concerned about because of the files and cost to replace them.

It is such a strange feeling to know that someone has been in your home uninvited and took something that belongs to you. Violated is the only way I can think of to describe it but oddly because the apartment wasn't turned upside down and inside out it was so hard to understand and comprehend the feelings. I'm glad I didn't have a big mess to clean up but at the same time it may have been therapeutic to have to clean something up. I guess I just needed some kind of busy work to make it seem more real. To be perfectly honest, it almost hasn't sunk in completely still. I almost feel like I have just misplaced my laptop...I know it sounds strange but it's true.

In addition to dealing with this Monday night I also had 4 days worth of finals looking me in the face... I am happy to report I looked those finals right back in the eye and did great. I am still waiting for grades for 3 of my 5 classes but I feel very confident about the grades that earned in each of the classes this term. I know for sure the final on I had on Monday night I cleaned up on...that's right I got an A on the written exam and an A on the hands on exam...I couldn't ask for more than that.

Tuesday night I got home with very limited time to change for class because I went to pick up an old laptop of my mom's *thanks mom* that my sister has had at her house. When I pulled into the driveway where our garage it I noticed that the garage was opened. It didn't look like Kelsie was doing anything like moving things around or putting boxes in there so I freaked out thinking someone had broken into our garage now. I went in the house and asked Kelsie if she had been in the garage and she said I really freaked and called the landlord and told him I wanted the code to our garage changed because the only people that had it was the last renters and it was open when I got home and I wasn't going to deal with this kind of thing anymore. Yes a bit dramatic but given the events of the previous day I think I was entitled to a little bit of a panic attack. He told me how to reset the password and tried to assure me it wasn't the previous renters because they were friends of his. Anyway, I called my sister immediately to tell her what had happened calmed a little bit but still in disbelieve of the events two days in a row and trying to figure out why. As I blubbered on she said..."please don't be mad". Of course, I was curious by this comment so I asked why... She had been over earlier in the day to pick up a small dresser that had been sitting in the garage and forgot to close the garage door. Oh my did the flood gates open at that point. Tears of relief and just simply being overwhelmed from the events of the past two days. That night again I had a final and I did fairly well. I ended up with a B in the class. I could have done better but honestly my mind was elsewhere as much as I tried to focus.
The rest of the week I can't complain. I did have a comprehensive final in Anatomy that covered three terms of material but it ended up not being as bad as I thought it would be...although I don't know my grade yet so I hope I didn't just jinx it. I'm going to miss Anatomy classes alot...I never thought I would say that but I love learning about the human body...we are just fascinating creations.
Thursday was my Cranial Sacral final and it was tough. They told us it was the most underestimated test and so I studied my little heart out and I feel ok about the written test...the hands on test was easy as pie. I love Cranial Sacral work. I didn't think I would ever like an energy modality but this one is amazing and I've seen it actually work and have had it work on me. If you want more detail you will have to ask because it would take a book to explain it all.

I did find out last night however that the instructor that taught our Basic and Advanced Massage classes and our Cranial Sacral class isn't going to be teaching at the school anymore. She is going back to doing bodywork full time. I am going to miss her so much. To be completely honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of her style of teaching during the basics class but I learned from her. She grew on me during our Advanced class and I absolutely loved her style in Cranial Sacral. I gave her a hug last night before I left the school and possibly the last time I will see her unless she comes in for a massage and the tears just started coming. I realized what a mentor she has become. She loves bodywork and she taught me that. She taught me the very basics of massage that gave me my foundation to build on and grow from- how could I not appreciate and love her for that gift. Thanks Tawn for all of the great memories, laughs and learning...I'm going to miss you more than you know!

Tomorrow is clinic...this is the story of my life for the rest of my time in school. I actually really enjoy being there and doing the work when I'm there...prior to going I always kind of dread it...well maybe dread isn't the right word because it isn't that bad...but I keep thinking it is 6 hours out of every Saturday that I am working. I am getting stronger though and I love that. Last weekend rocked and I got some comments back from clients from the first weekend and I'm thrilled with what they had to write. This is getting super long so I won't share it here but I'm keeping a portfolio of comments to boost me up when I start feeling like I can't do it anymore.

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tag...I'm it!

Ok so both my friend Holly and my cousin Jena tagged me so I thought I better do this thing.
I'm supposed to share 7 unique things about goes

1) I have had jaw surgery and my tonsils removed and both times I wanted my dad when I was coming out of the anethestetic. My mom was there for the tonsils (thanks Mom) and I still wanted my dad...that's right I'm a daddy's girl.

2) I don't decorate my humble living quarters because I fear making a mistake that will look tacky and lame. I'm learning that I have quite a few talented decorator friends and family so I may enlist you at some point.

3) I have ridden in the Presidential Motorcade with President George W. Bush was in Salt Lake City in 2006 for Senator Hatch's fundraiser. It is quite an experience and I even got a signed letter (yes it's a form letter but who cares) from President Bush thanking me for my hard work on the fundraiser.

4) I drove my first tractor for an 8 hour shift by myself when I was 9 years old. Now I look at my nephews who are that same age and can't believe that ever happened and I survived...crazy!

5) I spend a year in New Jersey working as a nanny. Maybe not so unique because there are a bazillion girls and guys that do this but it was a unique and wonderful experience for me.

6) I bought a home in Nampa, ID when I was 24 years old and single. Now I'm 31 and still single and don't own a home...hopefully in the next year.

7) My favorite time of day is 4:21 (pm of course because I would be insane to be up when it was AM on the clock) Everytime I notice that it is 4:21 I yell "It's 4:21 my favorite time of day!" FYI- It's my favorite because that's my birthday. That is really my only "favorite" thing...everything else that may be considered a favorite changes with my mood and season.

Now all you honest people out there that read this need to do this same thing. So I am tagging anyone who reads this. If you do write on your blog please let me know by posting a comment.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Clinic Internship

We started our clinic internship two weeks ago.  After the first week, I really wanted someone to just put me out of my misery.  I never realized how hard giving 4 massages could be on my body.  I left the clinic after week one nearly in tears. My wrist was on fire and ached like nothing I have ever felt before. I was assured by the clinic instructor that my wrist would be fine and just needed to be iced.  She also told me my body being sore was normal for a couple of weeks and then I would be acclimated to the work and be fine.  I had my right wrist on ice until last Tuesday and babied it all week at work so it wouldn't go into clinic this weekend sore.  

I am happy to report that this week I could have easily given 5 massages if there would have been bodies available.   We have 2 for 1 massages going on right now and it helps bring people in but by the end of the shift the bodies are limited.  I was very careful watching my body mechanics this week and if I started feeling any discomfort I made adjustments to get rid of the pain.  It is still fascinating to me that my body being slightly off can cause so much discomfort.  It just is proof positive that our alignment is essential to our body functioning properly.  It seems obvious now that I think about it on a daily basis but I never thought about it before.

My movement class this term has really made me very aware of my alignment and overall structure and how we compensate for dysfunction in other areas of our body.  Additionally, this same class has made me very comfortable with my body.  I wasn't completely uncomfortable with it before but we have to wear viewing clothes in this class and a classmate evaluates our structure in these clothes and they have to be able to see our hip and shoulder joints so you can imagine the lack of clothing that is involved but we are covered enough to be comfortable.

This week brings the third term at UCMT to a close with finals.  Tomorrow night is Movement, Tuesday is Sports Massage, Wednesday is Anatomy and Thursday is Cranial Sacral.  The classes seem to be getting more difficult the further we get along in the program.  I think it is because we are getting more specific in what we are studying.  I still love school but I'm looking forward to being done and having a few nights a week free again.  We are down to 20 weeks which almost sounds like an eternity to me but 2 terms seems so fast because the last 3 have gone so quickly.

PS.  The offer still stands if you need a massage give me a shout.  I'm sure we can make it work for both of our schedules.

Until next time...