Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We did it!  We found a house and not just any house but the perfect house for us.  We signed the papers to make it ours on May 29th and started moving in things that day.  We were so blessed to have so family and so many friends from our ward help us move everything in.  Our first house guests were our two youngest nephews while their parents were out of town for a few days.  We have the greatest neighborhood and already love our new ward.

We have started projects to make it ours including paining the master bedroom, starting to strip wallpaper off the walls of what will be the nursery and of course, Melissa's favorite "dirt therapy" also known as gardening.  JD has his office set up and the family room is all set for movie night downstairs.  There is still painting to do and pictures to hang on the wall but those are projects that we will be working on for awhile.  The shop has quite a few pieces of furniture for Melissa to refinish and JD has become king of the yard learning to adjust the sprinklers and taking care of the yard.  We even got a BBQ grill and can't wait to break it in at a backyard party soon.

Here are a few pictures so you can see what our home looks like...we sure do love it!

We look pretty serious in this picture but we were so excited to finally be at the title company signing papers.

Our Front Porch and HUGE trees along the street and in the yard...beautiful!!

It is said the kitchen is the heart of the the home...well this is the heart of our home.

The dining room...I love the fireplace (and there is another one downstairs)

One of the views from the back door and yes that is a slide and swing already in the backyard.

The other view from the back door and where the "dirt therapy" happens.  We have already planted the garden with tomatoes, corn, beans, peas, beets, cucumbers and peppers- and there is a peach tree too!!