Sunday, July 29, 2007

Facing the Giants

This weekend has been a spiritual journey for me and I didn't expect it to be. It came about in the strangest way...watching a movie of all things! I rented "Facing the Giants" on Friday night and thought is just sounded like a feel good movie, which I needed. What I didn't expect was to come away from the movie feeling like my sould had been healed and with a sense of comfort. I just couldn't help thinking how good God is...He IS GOOD!!!

How could I ever question that? He has never forgotten me even when I turn away from him and still I needed the reminder. I am so grateful for the people in the world that have such talent and are able to use that talent to help someone such as myself see the goodness and power of God...or at least remind me of it.

I am so grateful!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Communication it that difficult??

Today has been a laid back do nothing kind of day at work. It shouldn't have been but that is what it turned into. Today is a Utah State holiday (Pioneer Day) and since my company is based in Utah we get the day off here in Arizona too, BUT I had a meeting with clients today so I came into the office and the rest of the gang got to play today...oh well, that is the joy of being the boss I guess.

I'm a little bit more than frustrated with my life right now...honestly, just my dating life. I met a guy online a couple of months ago. He lives in Idaho and I live in Arizona. We went out at the end of June because I happened to be in Idaho for my family reunion. We totally hit it off, sparks, yada, yada, yada. We typically chat at least every other day on the phone

Monday, July 23, 2007

First time for everything

This is my first real blog. I had a roommate in Utah that went to China and kept in touch with us using her family was great. I have a myspace page but I like the idea of this better for some reason.
Tomorrow is Pioneer Day in Utah. Thank goodness for those wonderful pioneers that risked it all to come across the plains so many years ago. I went on pioneer trek last year with my ward from Utah and it was an incredible experience...possibly one of the most inspiring experiences of my life, thus far.
I guess I should explain the picture above since it has nothing to do with Pioneer Day. This is a tradeshow booth that I was working in with B. Murphy. Typically I am in jeans and running like mad at tradeshows but this one I was actually exhibiting and got to watch one of my competing companies do that. I will admit I much prefer the behind the scenes but my current position as general manager doesn't allow that to happen very often. I am front and center in sales pitches and with has really made me stretch from the comfort zone I have been in for awhile. Change is good, change is good...maybe if I keep telling myself that it will become true.
That's all for now.