Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Caseworker and Paperwork

I was at the Pleasant Grove Police Department this morning and was fingerprinted- they no longer use the black ink that you find on your hands hours later even though you are certain you washed your hands sufficiently.  It is now a scanner type contraption that is pretty slick.  JD got to miss out on the fun because he has lived in Utah for the past 5 years consecutively.  In case you are wondering why I know so much about fingerprinting I have had it done before... when I had to be fingerprinted for my massage therapy license.  I am not a criminal.  In fact, it is a really weird feeling going back to be fingerprinted because it is where they fingerprint people they are putting in jail- granted the Pleasant Grove Police Department isn't like Salt Lake City or anything but it is still just strange to be in that place.

We met with our caseworker, Hayley last Friday.  We both really like her and are looking forward to working with her.  She has an intern, Kaylee, working with her as well so we will get to interact with both of them but mostly Hayley.   We went over the qualifications for working with LDSFS again with her and of course meet the qualifications.  We had hoped to go to the adoption training on October 14 and 15 and were excited and anxious to have this meeting with her so we could go to the required training.  We found out during our meeting that they don't feel like we are far enough in the process to go and needless to say we were sad and disappointed.  I didn't realize how emotional I would be about the news but the flood gates opened and I couldn't stop crying.  I asked for an explanation since we had been told by several people that this meeting was the key to our attending the training.  Hayley was very good to explain why and while I still don't like that we can't go, I have to be ok with it.  I do like that we will be communicating almost exclusively with Hayley now so there won't be so much confusion.  So now we are trying to get through the different phases of paperwork and online documents so we will be ready for the February training.

This adoption paperwork is not for the faint of heart.  There is a lot to do and I know understand why they say it can take up to six months to get through it all.  We have submitted our variety of certificates (birth, marriage, temple sealing) this morning, along with the background check forms and my fingerprints and employment verification for both me and JD.  I dropped off the infertility documentation form to Dr. F's office this morning and will call and check to make sure it was sent off on Friday.  JD and I both have physicals scheduled for next week, as well.   I'm actually kind of glad that is required because we both needed to have our yearly checks anyway.  Once those papers are turned in the rest of what we fill out will be online.

We got our account set up on Monday for to fill out the rest of our online paperwork.  We are in phase 1 right now and that is all about our personal information again and giving them references to contact.  I can't remember what the next phase is but we should be able to work on it this weekend and next week.  Lots of paperwork ahead but anything worth anything takes work and effort!

Until next time...