Monday, November 26, 2007

Planning a wedding...oh my!!

My little sister is getting married...I can hardly believe it. The girl that always said no way, not me...she's the one getting hitched and in the neatest way possible- in England! Keep in mind a US Citizen marrying a citizen of the UK/US is quite a task. It has been interested to watch and participate in the planning of the fesitivities. Last week-the week of Thanksgiving- I was in Utah helping Tiffany and Ryan get some stuff done for the big day that is now only 34 days away.
They picked out invitations, got engagement pictures taken (Ryan's friend Kimmie is awesome), had the pictures printed for the invitations, picked out a wedding dress and flowers, FINALLY decided on the reception site in Idaho and moved my sister into thier first apartment...whew what a week.

I am so glad I am able to be there and support her as she is making this huge transition in her life. I love, love, love her fiance, Ryan, he is the perfect match for my sister. He is laid back and funny and can make my sister laugh when the moment gets too tense...I love that! I am so thrilled to have another brother to add to my family. Spending the week with the was great. I go to know Ryan a little bit better.

I will attach pictures once I have a couple of them to attach but for now I need to wrap it up and get back to work.