Monday, June 24, 2013

Strawberry Days Rodeo

JD and I have enjoyed the Strawberry Days rodeo in Pleasant Grove every year since we have been married.  We were so excited to take Gavin to his first rodeo this year.  Strawberry Days rodeo has a special place in our family too because we met Karlee and Devrey for the first time for dinner the night we went last year.  Oh boy how things can change in a year!!  It is definitely a family tradition to go each year.
Cute little cowboy.  Thanks Uncle Jared and Aunt Klar for the cute cowboy gear!

Gavin was dressed in his cowboy gear that Uncle Jared and Aunt Klar gave him at his baby shower.  I had been dying to get him in the outfit since she opened it at the shower and it was a perfect night and a perfect fit!   Gavin loved the rodeo and kept his eyes stuck on the arena all night.  He did get scared when the clown made some big noises during his show in the middle of the rodeo but otherwise did great!

Gavin and daddy- Gavin was watching the horses in the arena

Mommy and Gavin waiting for the rodeo to start

A bunch of little kids were facinated by this pick up man at the rodeo.  We were so impressed that he came over and talked to the kids when he wasn't needed for the rodeo.

You can't go to the Strawberry Days rodeo and not have strawberries and cream.  Gavin loved it! 

Happy boy at the rodeo

It got a little chilly at the end of the night so we snuggled up under our John Deere blanket.  Gavin really enjoyed the rodeo and we can't wait until next year!