Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm now a Mrs and an LMT!!!

Our wedding day was Saturday, March 28. The ceremony was short and simple but wonderful.I am now Mrs. Joseph D.(J.D.) Nielson and I love it! We have been married for 1 month today. I can't believe how fast the last month has gone but it seems like much longer than that, in a good way.

As a recap from the wedding for those that weren't there and for posterity. My sister, Tiffany Wood, bless her 8 months pregnant heart and my good friend, Brittany Belinski were my bridesmaids. They were so helpful and I love and appreciate them so much for helping me on our big day. J.D.'s brother Mike Nielson and his best friend or as we call him- the other brother- Josh Lowden were his groomsmen. What a great couple of guys! I look forward to the many years ahead getting to know both of them better. Tiff and Mike were originally asked to do our toast but opted out and the honors were given to Josh and Brittany at the wedding and they both gave lovely toasts.

A couple of "funny" hiccups at the wedding/reception at The Historic Shelton...

Our toasting glasses weren't the normal champagne flutes you would think of but wine glasses. I ordered champagne flutes and we we arrived at the Shelton for the rehearsal and I saw them setting up wine glasses I asked why...I was told they are champagne flutes. Now keep in mind, I don't drink but I've done enough events to know the different between the two. It was very apparent that the Shelton wasn't going to be in a hurry to fix the problem so I just let it go...honestly, it didn't change anything about our wedding or reception- the glass shape was just wrong. I write about it only so I can remember the funny things that happened that day.

Second, our flowers. I sent a picture of the bouquet that I wanted my wedding bouquet to look like.

Here is the picture. Well you will see from the wedding pictures it wasn't anything like that...apparently they thought I liked pink...and only pink! Holy hannah the bouquets were all pink with some green. For my bridal pictures I had a bouquet made by Modern Display and it was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. The funny thing is the flowers on the tables were exactly as the picture that I showed them. I'm not sure where the miscommunication happened or why they turned out all pink but they did. I'm completely convinced that I had an angel on my shoulder that day because I didn't freak out about either one. I just shrugged my shoulders and said well not what I ordered but what can I do about it now...I'm getting married today and that's what matters. If you know me even a little bit you know that is not how I react to anything. I guess my sweet husband has rubbed off on me and I didn't even realize it.

I love spending every moment I can with my wonderful husband. He calms me just by being who he is. He loves to surprise me by doing little things for me. A good example was tonight when I got home from work he had already cooked dinner, set the table and was just waiting for me to walk in the door so he could surprise me. How lucky am I? He is such a good leader in our home. He encourages me to follow my dreams and is my best cheerleader...I count my blessings everyday for him and his love and peaceful influence.

So many people have asked what we did for our honeymoon. The answer...we hung out in Idaho for a couple of days then came back to Utah. The Wednesday after we got married, April1 JD had a colonoscopy scheduled. We picked that day before we were married since we were both going to be off work already and weren't going away anywhere. I am happy to report that everything is fine thank goodness. I was pretty scared that he had to have this done but we are relieved now that everything is ok.

This is a video I took when he got back after the procedure. He had been saying for several days before that he was going to be probed...guess that stuck with him in the subconscious because he was out cold for the whole procedure. Now before you think I'm mean for laughing keep in mind I didn't record myself and the tears when I saw my new husband wheeled back to me unconscious... however, when he started up with what he says on the video I couldn't resist.

JD is going to kill me for putting this on our blog but every time I watch it I die laughing. Just remember , J.D. I really do love you and there will be plenty of time for you to get even with me for this.

This wasn't the end of our week long "honeymoon" I also took the national exam for massage therapy on the Friday following our wedding. I passed the test and I am now a LMT!! To be perfectly honest I felt very confident taking the test until the very end when the computer kept asking if I was sure I wanted to exit that section because I would not be allowed to go back once I clicked ok. I'm not kidding when I say it asked that at least 6-8 times. I really started doubting myself. I wanted to shout for joy when the screen popped up that I had passed the exam although I'm quite certain the other people in the room taking tests wouldn't have appreciated my excitement and joy.

I have to admit I love being a Mrs.- it just suits me. I am so grateful for a loving husband who is so kind and patient. I am grateful for a wonderful family that is so supportive. My dad so generously made our wedding day possible and I so appreciate him for everything he did to make it possible. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father that loves me enough to put me through the refiners fire and tested me multiple times and led J.D. and I to each other. As we have compared the time line of our lives especially the year leading up to when we met I can't imagine there was any other choice than for us to be together. We both had things to accomplish before we met and obstacles to overcome and we did it!

Until next time...