Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love Idaho!!

There is nothing better than leaving the busy city behind and drivng to Idaho to spend time with my family. I absolutely love it here and for good reasons. I spend Friday afternoon and evening with my mom at Fort Hall. That is one of her favorite places and she convinced me I should go with her. I am opposed to gambling for a couple of reasons...1) I never win and 2) I hate the smoke in casinos. Well one of those wasn't true this trip. I actually did win...not a huge amount of money but enough to pay for my gas this trip home so given the current prices of gas I didn't do to bad either. The smoke however...YUCK!! I smelled like an old cigarette all the way to mom's house and my hair, clothes, etc smelled nasty the next morning. I did a quick load of mixed laundry before I left Saturday morning so everthing else it touched wouldn't have the same stink...EEEEWWW!!

Saturday I made the 3.5 hour drive from St Anthony to North Fork so I could spend the long weekend with my dad and Lisa. I LOVE it here. The hills are green, the trees are still in bloom and the river is beautiful. I got to help get my hands dirty and plant trees this morning with dad. You know it is such a simple thing but one of those little things you miss out on when you live in the city and don't have a yard of your own to play in. It's funny dad even said to me this morning when I was elbow deep in dirt and pitching rocks that were just too big..."You are a farmgirl you are just living in the city for far too long!" I love it! I won't have it being called a city girl. I love all of the culture of the city but I just love being away from it all and just relaxing or helping with those little projects that need to be done.

I just finished up my first quarter of massage therapy school and I'm pretty proud of my grades. I got four A's and 1 B. The B was in Anatomy and I'm determined to make sure I get an A next quarter and until I'm done with Pathology. Who am I kidding...I plan on getting A's in all of my classes from this point excuses. I keep reminding myself of the quote I had on my wall of my office in Phoenix that reminded me of the success I was requiring of myself..."Failure is NOT an option. However, it is a lingering possibility that keeps me focused on the tasks at hand!" From the first time I read that quote I loved it and I still do and it will help keep me focused on success in the professional massage program and through the Master's program after that.

Life really is good. I'm relaxing on the weekend, enjoying spending time with my family and look forward to the week ahead. I might add that next week will be especially wonderful because I get to spend the night with my nephews and grandma next Friday while Jared and Klar are at Youth Conference. I'm so excited!
Until next time...

PS I'm currently reading A Tree Grew in Brooklyn and it is fantastic. One of the many reasons I love to come to my dad's house- he always has a million books and I can always find something good to read.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I need a name...

Ok so I wanted this to be it's own post so the people that read my blog will see it and comment.
I'm trying to decide on a massage business name.  I have thought about quite a few and just can't decide if any of them have the "feel" that I am looking for and want to express.  I want it to be unique but obvious what I am doing. So basically, "sell your home" isn't going to work...hahaha
Keep in mind when giving me suggestions or opinions that I plan on doing more than just the basic swedish massage when I start my practice.  I will be performing sports, injury, trigger point, structural (all of which are very deep and dare I say "painful"...but in the feel good way, not that you will be hurt)  Actually a structural session would feel pretty good to me right now.

So without further hesitation these are the names I have thought of so far...

Relax Station
Knead to Relax
Hands on Relaxation
Relaxing Touch
Healing Kneads

I know many of you are tremendously creative and I would love your input.
Until next time...

It's been 10 years...

I am in my first finals week since I started massage therapy school in March.  I feel like all I have done in the past two weeks is study.  I am really out of practice since the last time I took classes 10+ years ago when I was in college (I'm aging myself with that comment).  I am finally finding my groove for studying and I know that next term will go much smoother because I will be in better practice.  It's a good thing because everyone tells me that anatomy just continues to get harder.  I think I may be opposite though...since we started learning about the actual muscles the ah-ha moments aren't so far apart.  It makes a lot more sense.  
This morning I woke up to an unexpected and unwelcome reminder that I have a reflexology final tonight....ooops I thought it was a review for the final on Friday in Massage Basics.  Luckily, I'm still not working so I have been able to spend most of the day studying and I think I will do well.  It is a two part final.  The first part is a written test and the second part is hands on.  Since I know where the reflexes are located on the feet the hands on should go really well.
Tomorrow night is the review night for massage basics and I'm glad because I need a massage. 
Wednesday is the anatomy final and we are having a review session tonight in about 30 minutes with our TA, Sarah.  This girl knows her stuff about anatomy.  It also helps that I was able to actually see the bodies in cadaver lab last week at the U.  I'm so glad we are able to have access to that...even though it did freak me out the first time we went.
Say a little prayer for me to remember the things that I have studied and to do well on finals.
Until next time...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back from Idaho

I just spent the weekend with my family in Idaho.  Mom is doing better everyday following her accident and I showed her the pictures from her first few days in the hospital this weekend.  She still doesn't remember the accident or the first two weeks in the hospital...I couldn't be more grateful for that.  She was surprised to see how banged up she was but at the same time expected it to be as it was.
I have a long week ahead.  I have a lot of homework to wrap up prior to classes this week, hopefully some interviews so I'm not so bored at home during the day anymore and shopping (one of my least favorite past times) for a wedding gift and mother's day present.  The good news is I know what I am buying for both so it should be a quick trip.

I'm going to buy a bike this week least that is the plan.  I am searching for a job in the downtown Salt Lake area and would love to be able to ride a bike to work.  I love the Jimmy but my beast is a gas hog...I just can't let her go.  I am only 6 blocks from school and would love to ride a bike there too so I can get there quicker than a walk but not burn up unneeded fuel.
I'm tossing around the idea of getting a beach rider know the kind that they would be riding on the boardwalks on the East coast during the summer.  Tiff and Ryan think it's a better idea to get a mountain bike so I can take it to Idaho with me and ride around there or in the mountains of Utah WHEN not IF I go camping this summer.

I saw one of my old friends from high school today.  I haven't seen her in about 5 things change.  We were both cheerleaders but from opposing schools.  She was from North Fremont and of course I was at West Jefferson.  After high school we worked together for about 6 months at a travel agency in Eagle, ID.  She now has 3 little boys and the 4th is on the way.  WOW!!!  I can't believe all of the kids that my friends have.  I start to wonder if life is passing me by because of choices that I have made in the past.  I then remember how things have worked out in my life and leave the question...until the next time I run into an old friend.

One last thing that is so exciting that happened tonight.  Tiff (my little sister) was accepted into the Social Work program at the University of Utah.  I am so proud of her!  She is so excited and will graduate in 2 years!  I'm so happy that I was able to be here when she found out...I just love that kid!