Friday, February 6, 2009

Winding down

I guess it's time for an update since it has been two weeks since I posted anything new. Things are starting to wind down it seems like. I have only 5 weeks of school left and 3 clinic shifts. I can't believe I am that close to graduation and being a licensed therapist. This past week was a rough one though I must admit. I had to re-take a final from last quarter (Trigger Point), a mid-term (Injury) and another final (Structural) this week. I am so glad this week is over.
I am happy to report I passed my Trigger Point final this go round. I technically had a passing grade last time but you have to have at least a 70 on the test or you have to re-take it and I missed the mark by 4 stinking points. Now the practical, hands on test...I breezed through it with a perfect score...I hate written tests it seems I always flub them up for some reason. My one complaint about re-taking a final is no matter how well you do on it you can only get a C in the class at that point...ANNOYING but on the flip side I didn't have to re-take the entire course so I'm not going to throw up a stink about that.
My Injury mid-term was a beast!!! I studied my little heart out but didn't feel confident after taking the test- it was only a practical and the instructor is quizzing me while I'm working on my client...yeah that isn't intimidating at all!!! I just about passed out when I saw the grade posted yesterday and I got a 94 on the mid-term...WOWZA was I excited! I have to admit I understand now why the classes are given at certain points in the program. If I had to know the stuff for Injury that I do and hadn't taken anatomy or pathology I would be up a creek for sure. So 5 more weeks and it's the final. I'm actually really glad I know how they test now so I will be more prepared for my final. It to is just a practical exam and my goal is 100 percent and confidence following the exam.
My Structural final was bittersweet to say the very least. I was glad to be done with a class so finals week isn't such a beast but it is my favorite class. J.D. could almost tell in my voice when I had structural class because I loved it so much. I would have traded other classes for more of structural. Don't get me wrong, it isn't an easy modality, actually you have to be more precise in your strokes but the benefits to the client are incredible and I really want to focus my work in this area. I would love to work as TA with Taylor sometime in the future but he requires a couple of years in the field first, which I totally respect and understand. Taylor has to be one of my favorite instructors. This guy knows his stuff, is straight forward about what we needed to know, how we needed to perform the work but also a riot in class. I had so much fun with him... don't worry Taylor I'll say a little prayer for you!! Oh yeah and I got an A in the class... HOORAY!
Now on to the wedding... We are just 50 days from our wedding and I can hardly believe it. I gave the final approval for the invitations today and I LOVE them! We should have them by the middle of the week of the 16th (I hope). One of my projects this weekend is getting the address labels ready so it isn't such a nightmare stuffing and sending them when they do come in.
I also had my first fitting for my dress today. I just love putting it on...I feel like such a princess when I have it on. I will pick it up on the 20th and have it for my bridal pictures on the 28th. I was given a deadline of the 28th by my photographer to take bridals so we can have them ready for the wedding and reception on the 28th of I must admit I'm kind of excited I get to have formal pictures taken with my lovely dress on so I can enjoy it and not worry about if everyone is having a good time at the reception and if they are comfortable, etc. Who knew I was such a princess??!!
Our photographer, Scott Jarvie, this guy rocks! I love his work and we have worked out a great deal with him so we are getting every kind of bell and whistle with our photography package. Let's just say I am grateful that J.D. is a programmer and Scott is happy to do trades. We are shooting our engagement pictures tomorrow and can't wait to see how they turn out. Scott has a helper, Julie who is just fantastic as well. I have only been able to speak to her on the phone thus far but I already like her and her work. They are both so concerned that our pictures reflect who we are. I, of course, told them I'm a farm girl and anything outside and country like will suit me just fine and J.D. too of course. I can't wait to see the location they have picked out for us tomorrow. I will post pictures once I'm able...or just be watching your mailbox we will be including a picture with the invitations and come to the reception you will get to see plenty there too.
The reception planning is coming along pretty well. I appreciate the Historic Shelton for all of their help. I just mention in passing that I need to find someone for something and they make a call to one of their contacts and we get things set up. I have to figure out the DJ and the final food for the reception and I think we are set. The one item that I am worried about now are the tuxedos. I know that these shops do this long distance business all the time but I haven't and I want to make sure everyone looks nice.
Oh and one more thing...I am moving out of my apartment on the 16th of February. Our lease is up on the 28th but I want to have it cleaned and done before then so we are moving on the 16th. I can't wait to be moved out and one step closer to being able to see my J.D. every night. Although that will still be several weeks away I'm going to be living with my friend Carla for the time between vacating the apartment and getting married and he is just 15 minutes from J.D. rather than nearly 40...much nicer for both of us.

Yep things are definately winding down but the good stuff is just about to begin. I can't wait to start our married life together. I am so proud of J.D. and the man that he is. I learn more everyday just how much I have been missing from my life without him there and I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else.

Until next time...