Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I forgot how frustring this can be...

I'm trying to register for classes at UVU this week and it is so frustrating. I have only registered for one class (Math) and all the others that are during the time that will work for my schedule are full...grrr. The life of a serial procrastinator...seriously classes start next week. I guess I can't beat myself up too bad since I didn't FINALLY decide to go to school this semester until late last week.

On a side note...I miss my hubby right now. He had to go to work at 1:30 AM for a programming release. Since I'm a newlywed still I can get away with being lonely when he isn't home. Usually I tell him he is a bed hog but seriously I miss having him next to me when I'm tossing and turning during the night. Plus he can rub mineral ice on my sore back after a long shift (for me that is 6 hours doing massage in a day- typically my max is 5 hours but I pushed it last night and I'm feeling it now) at work.- did I mention I am in need of a good massage but I'm holding out until my friend Sinead gets back from Scotland and Rome because she is awesome and I want to feel better when I get off the table.

Well I better get back to searching for classes...wish me luck!

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going CrAzY!!

Until August 26 that is...then I begin classes at UVU in preparation for applying to nursing school at UVU and many other schools.
The idea of having a break is something I should enjoy I suppose but I am really struggling. Apparently I need to get a hobby or something because I feel like I'm going crazy. I am working only part time at Massage Envy and Advanced Dental. The schedule at the dentist's office is so inconsistent it about drives me batty but what am I to do, right? Well I think we have come up with a solution...courtesy of my sweet husband who can't stand to see me unhappy for even a second- how lucky am I??!! Apparently I am happier (and I'm guessing more fun to be around) when I am busy. J.D. calls it a busy body but I'm not sure I'm so fond of that description...I just like being busy. How does the saying go. "Idle hands is the devil's workshop."...ok so maybe I'm not that bad but I do get annoyed having nothing to do all day while J.D. is at work. He has suggested that I write the thank you notes for our wedding gifts (great idea since we have been married 4 months now...I'm on the ball) or to work on family history since that is something that I am feeling like I need to get to work on, especially with my dad's side of the family. Both great ideas and something I should be doing of course but I still sit at home and stare at the wall and go crazy. So the solution we have come up with to "fix" my crazy problem (at least this one) is ...I am looking for full time employment (again)working in an office. I will still be practicing massage so my schooling won't be a waste (not that it would ever be if you ask me) but I will likely end up working only on Saturday's at Massage Envy or maybe every other Saturday or in my ideal world just do outcall to my personal clients so I can still use those mad massage skills that I have now and not lose them.

Ideally I would love to work in a medical office or hospital so I can be in the environment that I will be working in once I am a nurse. I have applied for several jobs but nothing has happened as of yet- granted it has been about a week only. However, today while searching the help wanted ads I found a job at Provo College in the nursing department for an administrative assistant...wowza! I immediately applied for the job and have had an nearly constant prayer in my heart that I will at the very least get an interview. One of the many cool things about this job is it is right across the street from J.D.'s office in Provo. Would it not be awesome to be able to ride to work together everyday?? I know I would love it and so would he. I am going to take the time tomorrow to stop by their campus and take a tour and just see what Provo College is all about. I have know a couple of people that went through the nursing program there and as far as I remember they didn't have any complaints. It may be in more ways than one an answer to our prayers. I still need to take some pre-req classes at UVU- Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, and (UGH) Math but I am determined to make this happen and get these classes done so I can apply to nursing school and be done- at least for now.

well time to go...more next time on J.D.'s for trip to the temple and other things we have been up to.

Until next time...