Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ok, I tag anyone that reads this. Copy/paste the questions ( before the colons) and replace the answers with the first thing that comes to mind.

i am: so tired but getting used to my new schedule.
i think: I have a fun weekend ahead
i know: what I want to be when I grow up besides a wife and mother....FINALLY!!
i want: to always be joyful
i have: finals in two weeks
i wish: I could sleep when I need to
i hate: to dust
i miss: the smell of the farm
i fear: being a failure
i feel: content
i hear: the fan blowing in cool evening air
i smell: my pillow
i crave: Otter Pops...I love a cool summer treat
i search: for misplaced items far too often
i wonder: what it will feel like to have a best friend to share everything with...when it's time I'll know
i regret: nothing.  Things that I maybe should regret have been great learning experiences and have opened doors that wouldn't have been opened otherwise.... Life is so good!
i love: my family 
i care: about the impact I have on other people
i always: try to grow where I'm planted
i am not: perfect
i believe: in the goodness of people and maybe more importantly me.
i dance: and I sing but only in private
i sing: in two the car and at church
i don’t always: appreciate all of the good things in my life.
i write: A LOT of notes at school
i win: sometimes
i lose: my temper too easily sometimes
i never: want to give up
i listen: and most of the time I hear
i can usually be found: lost in my thoughts
i am scared: of small creeping things
i need: to feel a loving therapeutic touch frequently
i am happy about: the direction I am headed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brussels Sprouts & the Eternal Perspective

I was just searching around and snooping in blogs of people I don't know but know people that I know and came across this analogy of dating.  It made me laugh out loudDating is like going to a restaurant. Not just any restaurant, but one that all of my friends (married friends) have told me has the best filet mignon and creme brule. And I "just have to go." (Plus, it's a commandment, so I really do have to go anyway.) So I put on my best dress, pull up my hair, splash on my fanciest makeup and head to the restaurant with eager anticipation. 

As I walk into the restaurant, the waiter seats me and I order my steak and dessert to follow. Meanwhile, I look around at everyone relishing their filet mignon and creme brule and my mouth waters in anticipation. Butterflies flutter in my stomach and I can hardly wait for the tasty treat. Finally, the waiter brings me my plate which, much to my dismay, is not filet mignon, but brussel sprouts! I HATE brussel sprouts! Sorely disappointed, I leave the restaurant to tell my friends about the experience. 

"How did it go?," they ask, blissfully holding the hands of their spouses. 

"Not well," I respond. "Not only did I not get the juicy, flavorful beef and the creamy, sweet dessert that I ordered, but I got slimey, puke-green vegetables that taste like dirt instead!" 

"Well, that happens to almost everyone at least once," they say. "Sometimes you have to go back several times, but it's worth it in the end."

So I go back. The same thing happens again- brussel sprouts instead of my fillet mignon! With stubborn determination I keep going back to the restaurant again and again, seeing the other customers enjoying their meals and hoping for some savory delights of my own. Unfortunately, the same result follows each time. 

And although the green little devils are prepared in different ways each time, (because everyone is different), - in a buttery sauce, in a shower of paprika, or a la parmesano oregano- I still hate them. No gravy, sauce or spice can cover up the flavor of dirt. 

Quite frankly, I'm just not hungry anymore.

I was so happy when I found this when going through my post drafts tonight.  I remembered seeing this and thought I had lost it.  The funniest thing is I actually like brussel sprouts as long as they aren't over cooked so for me this might have to be spinach or some other similar icky substance.
One day I will find the fillet mignon (this comment is especially funny because some singles wards are referred to as meat markets) that is just right for me. Until then I'm going to enjoy checking the menu, hopefully more frequently than in the past.  Who knows I may decide I like the sirloin more than the fillet in the end.  LOL

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy to Announce...

After much searching and anticipation I'm happy to announce....I'm happily employed again.  I start my new job tomorrow and I can't wait.  I am living proof that you should be nice to everyone you meet and work with because that is how I got this job in this shaky economy and without so much as an interview.  Yep, you read it right, I didn't have an official interview.  I got a call from HR at Bard today and the manager offered me a job as an Administrative Assistant.  I will be working with/for a woman that I became associated with through Executive Women International in 2006.  I was the Philanthropy Committee chair when she was serving as the President of the Salt Lake City chapter.
My friend Cassie works for Bard and I asked her a couple of weeks ago if there were any openings that she knew of and she told me yes!  The next day she sent me a link to fill out the appropriate information on the website and submit my resume.  Then she recommended for the Admin job in the IS department.  Then she told Shara that I had just applied for a job.  Well a temp that had been working for Shara hadn't been working out and they let him go on Monday and I got the call today asking me if I wanted to come to work tomorrow. WOW!! Well of course I said yes.  I am so thrilled that 1) I now have a job 2) I will be working with people that know what I am capable of producing 3) I will be working with people that I already know and trust.

I would be completely ungrateful if I didn't send a thank you to my sister and Ryan for saying so many prayers on my behalf during my job search, for the Lord seeing to it that I was blessed with employment...AGAIN and to all my friends that also said prayers on my behalf so I could find a job that would fit my skill set and I would feel like I was contributing.  I would also be ungrateful if I didn't thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me with the opportunity to be unemployed for the past 4 months so I could become enveloped in school and for the good job that I had during the past 3 years.

I also need to clarify that I wasn't fired from my previous job and I really wasn't desperate to get a job EXCEPT I was tired of having nothing to do during the day. I did like having all the time in the world to do homework and study for school but I have always done better when I am under pressure and have to be on task with school.  

An additional FYI because I can't remember if I put this in my last post.  I am setting a goal to attend Nursing school at the University of Utah once I'm finished with Massage Therapy school. I have a strong desire to help people and I know that the two combined with be a great asset.  So now I have a job that will allow me to attend school for as long as I need to AND they pay the tuition!!  HOORAY!!!

Until next time...