Monday, December 14, 2009

A Grateful Heart

I love this time of year. I love the sounds and the smells of Christmas time. I love it that everyone seems to have a more grateful heart and spirit during this Christmas season. I always loved Christmas as a child because it meant time with family...and new toys and stuff too, of course, I was a kid what can you expect. I've really missed over the last several years getting together with my extended family like we used to as kids and no it isn't the presents I miss. I miss the smells of my grandma's house and the yummy dinner we would have and of course all the treats that grandma would make. I miss the chatter of all the kids in the living room (even though there were only 6 grand kids we could make some racket) and the adults in the kitchen during the meals that we would eat. I don't remember when it all changed to be honest. Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan always had the family Christmas get together (we never called it a party) at the ranch. I kinda think we had the party for a few more years after grandpa died. I wonder if us grand kids just got too busy to make the time to go up to the ranch for the family get together. Did we decide it wasn't necessary anymore? I really just don't remember. As I think about this tradition that we used to have as a Sullivan family I can't help but be grateful for those memories.
Remembering grandma making her rum balls and us teasing her about drinking the rum that was supposed to be in the rum balls. I think she may have taken a sip or two but from what I understand the rum balls got the fair share of the rum. (It makes me giggle a little inside just to think about it.) The marshmallow topped yams that grandma made- yummo! Why is it that I can't seem to make mine taste just the same? Oh and let's not forget the heavenly rolls that grandma made- nope we never had store bought rolls at our family dinners they were ALWAYS grandmas rolls. My mom would make a zillion kinds of jello salad. I remember my cousins saying after my parents got divorced that they missed that at family dinners- how funny that something so simple can make such good memories. My memories don't all revolved around the food we ate but the fun we had and the things we did. The kids were always in the living room eating on TV trays and the adults surrounded the kitchen table. We always knew just how to make the TV trays work even with a moving rocking chair to sit in. It makes my heart so happy just to go back to that time in my mind and hear all of the chatter and joy.