Saturday, August 28, 2010


Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and no matter what you do nothing can change your mood? I'm having one of those today. I have continuously snapped at J.D. all day long... poor guy! I know I must be as fun as a porcupine to be around when my mood is like this. I know that's true because it has finally been enough and lets me know.

I'm still trying to figure out what is bothering me so bad that I just can't seem to shake this attitude. The only thing I can think is that I'm wishing this time in my (our) life away. I'm trying to be patient and understanding about our challenges and obstacles and dreaming of pitter pattering feet in our home but I have a bad day occasionally and last night it really hit me...sure I'll blame it on that.

IF I was to find a silver lining to a day like this...I get A LOT done because it usually means opening and closing doors and drawers and if I'm good and mad I can slam them.

Do I sound like I'm 5 and having a darn good temper tantrum...I feel like it when I act this way and it's enough already.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow is a better day and my husband can have his nice wife back.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's up with us...

I can't believe that is already over half way through August and I will be starting school again next week. We have had a fun summer and spent time in both Southern Utah and Idaho with our families. The summer has gone by fast even though I spent most of the summer trying to get a job with Intermountain Healthcare. Since I was hired a month ago, I am a CNA in the Float Pool which means I work anywhere from LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City to Riverton Hospital- time has gone even faster. I am so grateful for my job and I am really enjoying it. I have met a lot of interesting people- both that I work with and take care of.
J.D. started his job as a faculty member at Broadview University in Orem. He is teaching a computer class this semester teaching a group of 17 students with varying experience using a computer. He is really enjoying it and he got some great feedback from his boss last week when she came in and sat in on his class. I'm so proud of him. There is a chance that he will be able to pick up another class next semester- if he does it is likely both with be programming type classes. He filled in for a friend of his that teaches at Broadview a couple of weeks again and loved what he was teaching.
He continues to enjoy his job at DHI in Provo. He has made many good friends there and he continues to be challenged- which he loves. I feel bad that I have no clue and can't understand the stuff that he does and he is so good at "dumbing it down" enough that I can understand what he is talking about. He is such a hard worker and I appreciate him and his patience with me so much everyday. I have been reminded in so many ways during this summer just how blessed I am to have this wonderful man to share my life with!

Life is busy! Life is great!

Until next time...