Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good things and good times

UCMT Masters Class D118MP

Just yesterday I finished massage therapy school...well the Master's massage classes anyway. There is no going back to UCMT now- I've taken all the classes that are offered there. I would love to go back as a teacher's assistant at some point but it doesn't look like that is in the cards at for the next quarter that starts on Monday.

I have to admit the past 10 weeks have been tough. I learned so much that has made me a better therapist. There were classes I struggled with because the principle behind them fought with my beliefs to a certain degree and I didn't like it. It did make me think outside the box a little bit but honestly I'm so glad I don't have to fight that battle anymore. I'm also pleased to announce I got an A in the class even though I didn't like it. I am still waiting for the grade in the last final that I took yesterday afternoon but I'm confident I didn't get less than a B in the class which I am thrilled about.

I was disappointed that I wasn't able to do the Master's classes with my classmates from the Professional massage program I graduated from in March but it actually turned out better because I was able to work with new people. I loved being in a group of people that all love massage therapy and bodywork and weren't just looking for a quick "career" fix to hold them over until something better comes along or maybe just didn't get it. It was so refreshing to be challenged to be better because of my classmates. They challenged me and for that I thank you all.

As previously written I am working at Massage Envy in Draper, UT and Advanced Dental in Provo, UT. I work on patients with TMJ dysfunction at the dental office and it is actually quite amazing to see the different that can be made and the classes I took give me even more tools to help them. I am looking for another job now as well...most likely with a chiropractor doing alignment therapy and massage.

I am still planning on continuing my education and pursue a degree in nursing. I have to take a CNA class first and that should happen the middle of August and I will likely give up a massage job to make it possible to work as a CNA and get experience there. (You have to do all you can to get accepted into nursing school.) I will also start classes at UVU in the got pushed back by a semester because of the master's classes I just finished but that's ok- it's all part of the big picture and goal I have in mind.

Last weekend, JD and I went to my dad's place in North Fork, ID for a semi- family reunion. My Uncle David and Aunt Katie and all of their kids came up, even Andy who now lives in Baltimore, as well as Lisa's son, Cody and his girlfriend Kylie. We had so much fun floating the Salmon River and just sitting around laughing and eating yummy food. Dad got some amazing steaks from Pete's in Salmon (if you ever have a chance get them...YUMMO) plus he made his amazing salsa. I love that stuff and can't ever make it like dad does.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend...or not because I don't have the patience to fight with the uploading of them right now. If you want to see them you can take a look at my facebook page.

Overall life is good. JD and I are so happy and doing well. We have been married for 4 months now and it seems like so much has happened since we got married. The biggest and most exciting news is J.D. will be going to the temple to receive his endowments on Saturday. We are so excited that this day is finally here. He was ordained an Elder a couple of weeks ago by our former Branch President, Winston Scoville. I am so proud of J.D. and all that he does to honor his responsibilities and to take care of our family. He is an amazing man and I count my blessings everyday that I get to spend the rest of forever with him.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What we've been up to...

These pictures are a little bit dated but I wanted to post them and show you some of the fun things we have done together since we got married...besides going to work and school.

Well our computer is being slow so after going through the pictures I will just tell you and have to upload the pictures later...or make a slide show if I can figure out how to make that happen.

Anyway, for JD's birthday, April 15 I took him to a Jazz game on the weekend before his birthday. It was so much fun. I splurged and got nicer seats than we could typically afford but it was worth it. My hubby is a Jazz fan so we got him a new hat at the game too. We had a lot of fun even though the Jazz lost the game.

Easter was somewhere in the mix off all of this and we had our first holiday meal together since we got married. Ham, funeral potatoes, asparagus, deviled eggs and some kind of jello salad. We had enough food we could have fed our entire apartment building but instead we had yummy leftovers for a few days.

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival...BEAUTIFUL! We had so much fun walking around the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. I have played golf there on several occasions and had driven past the gardens and always wanted to go and see the whole thing. It was $10 per person to get in but in my opinion well worth the money. We got there later in the day so the vendors they have set up were leaving when we got to them but the walk around and the beautiful scenery is why we went. I think that will become a yearly tradition.

For my birthday, JD surprised me with a night at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City and dinner at our favorite restaurant Biaggi's at the Gateway. Yumm-o food and a serious getaway right in the middle of Salt Lake City. We will be making trips back there too. If you have never stayed at one I would recommend it.

JD and I met Tiffany and Ryan and a couple that they know at Hogle Zoo one very sunny Saturday afternoon and wandered around the zoo for several hours. Bless Tiff's heart she was nearing due date time with her sweet babe and I think she was hoping the walking around would help start labor. Unfortunately it didn't but we had a good time. I hadn't been to the zoo since I was about 10 or 11 and they just opened the Madagascar exhibit. They had a cockroach you could touch. I did it but it made my skin crawl for the next little bit..YUCK! I don't know how people handle living around those yucky creatures.

After the zoo, JD and I decided to drive up through Park City and through Provo Canyon to get home. I had applied for a job at Spa in Park City and we wanted to clock it to see how long it would take me to drive to and from work if I got the job. Anyway, we drove to Kimball Junction then up into Park City then drove past Jordanelle Reservoir and Heber City. Just past Heber we saw another reservoir and some parasurfers (I guess that is what they would be called) on the water. It was amazing to watch them. They can sure catch some air with those things. (PS I didn't get the job but it has actually worked out for the best.)

Ryan and Tiffany welcomed their beautiful little boy Rosten into the world. He is just a perfect addition to their family and Tiffany and Ryan are such cute parents. That little guy is definitely not lacking in love and affection from his mommy and daddy... or anyone else in the family for that matter. I love going to visit them and just holding that little angel...oh how blessed we are to have him in our family. Way to go Tiffany and Ryan!

When JD and I went for our drive through Park City we came across some picnic and park areas that we wanted to come back and visit so one Sunday after church we packed up some charcoal, burgers and such and headed up to enjoy the beautiful mountains near our house. It was so nice to get away from the noise of the city (even though Pleasant Grove isn't too bad, I love to hide away in the mountains and so does JD) and enjoy a nice picnic/BBQ. Thanks to my wonderful JD watching everything around us on our way home, we even got to see a moose. On our way home we also drove up to Squaw Peak. It has a beautiful overview of the valley and we enjoyed the drive up there. I would imagine the scene on the 4th of July is incredible but since I didn't really care for the drive (I hate heights and steep drop offs) I don't' know how soon we will go up there again.

In June we went to the open house of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House with a guy that JD works with and his wife. I didn't think to take pictures when we got there and it was light outside so the pictures I have aren't great but they will serve as a memory for us. It really fascinated all of us that from that temple you could see the Draper and Jordan River temple so easily. If there weren't large buildings in the way it would be possible to see the Salt Lake temple too. We are so blessed to be so close to so many temples.

We were also able to enjoy the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days festivities. We went to the rodeo a couple of nights- seriously some of the best rodeo I've ever seen. Let's not forget the free concert and FREE strawberries and cream they were giving out at the concert. I absolutely love this little town we live in. It is nestled right against the mountains and in the thick of a bunch of cities but you feel like you are away from it all at the same time. We are looking forward to many years celebrating with the city of PG.

I am just two weeks and one day away from finishing the Master Bodyworker classes that I started in May. It has been such an amazing experience going back and learning so much more than I thought possible. We truly did just scratch the surface in the professional program I graduated from in March. I am also working at Massage Envy in Draper and enjoy using the skills I learned in school. I enjoy the people I am able to come in contact with there but look forward to opening a private practice for massage therapy in the coming months. I am also working at Advanced Dental Care in Provo working with patients that have TMJ dysfunctions and migraines.

JD is still enjoying his job at DHI Computing Services and it seems he is busier everyday...thank goodness for job security! He is such a wonderful man and has such a gentle spirit. We are looking forward to him being ordained an Elder in the next few weeks and soon after being able to go to the temple. He is such a good example to me and I look forward to spending the rest of forever with him.

Until next time...