Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some of Our Summer Adventures

We had so much fun playing with our friends this summer.  We spent a lot of time at the splash pad in Highland and the Lindon pool.  We fed the ducks- or went with our friends that fed the ducks.  Gavin is a little fish and loves to be in the water.  I'm so glad because it was a great way to stay cool during this hot, hot summer.  We sure kept busy this summer and hate to see it come to an end but are looking forward to playing in the fall leaves and making snowmen this winter.

These are a few of the people and things that kept us busy this summer...

Visits with our birth family

Celebrate Adoption walk for Birth Mothers day in Spanish Fork

Playing in the swing was one of Gavin's favorite things just so long as he didn't go too high.

Supporting mommy in her calling as the ward women's athletic specialist and hanging out with one of the young women (Brooklyn) from our ward.

We applied for Gavin's social security card...he was such a trooper during the long wait in line.

Showing mommy his sassy pants look- hilarious!

One of our many trips to the splash pad

He loves the water! 

With my friends kids at the Highland splash pad

We decided not to put sand in the sandbox this year since Gavin likes to "taste" everything.  He didn't care one bit he had just as much fun with no sand.

Our friends came over to play

Alpine splash pad

Look at all those cute little friends that we spend the summer with- I hope we will always be friends

Isn't this the cutest picture!!??

BBQ with friends at our house

Trying his first dreamsicle

Trying on hats and other shopping adventures with mommy

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