Monday, May 13, 2013

Celebrate Adoption tees

I never knew when JD and I got married that adoption would be a part of our lives.  I always imagined I would get pregnant, have morning sickness and we would build our family in the "traditional" way.  Boy oh boy was I wrong!  We are so grateful for adoption and how it has changed our lives and perspective of what a family is.  I was never opposed to adoption in a general sense I always thought it was a good thing but I never knew it would come so close to home...our home!

We celebrate adoption everyday in our house and are so grateful that we were selected by Gavin's birth parents to be his parents.  We tell Gavin his story everyday and we have pictures of his birth family not only in his room but on our family picture wall.  They are after all forever connected to us because of adoption.

JD and I volunteered to be part of the American Fork Families Supporting Adoption board just after Gavin's placement.  We wanted to give back to others because we have been so blessed.  This weekend all of the Utah County chapters of Families Supporting Adoption (FSA) is hosting a Celebrate Adoption Walk.  We are so excited to participate this year.  We planned to go last year and some unexpected things cam up and we weren't able to attend.  We are so excited that Tiff, Ryan and their boys will be there with us along with Gavin's birth parents and Karlee's daughter.  What a better group to celebrate our adoption!!  We decided to make shirts to wear for the adoption walk this weekend and I think they turned out great!

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